Guard Station Security Officer

Position Description

Position Title:                Guard Station Security Officer

Company:                     Indianapolis Fruit Company, LLC.

FLSA Status:                Non-Exempt

Reports To:                   Director of Operations

Office Location:             Indianapolis Fruit

Date:                            8/2/2018

General Position Summary

The primary function of this unarmed security position is to regulate traffic flow and monitor for irregular or unusual conditions that may create security concerns or safety hazards on the premises by upholding strict compliance to company policies, procedures, instructions from management, and the law.

Essential Functions

  1. Regulate and monitor all inbound and outbound vehicle traffic on the premises.
    1. Restrict access to the property to authorized vehicles only.
    2. Maintain a log of all inbound and outbound commercial traffic to include company owned vehicles and any vendors.
    3. Direct the movement of inbound vehicles to include: inbound freight check-in, IFCO Transportation, Inc. truck returns, City Sales Department door assignments, employee parking, and vendor check-in.
    4. Gather signatures on appropriate documentation from all outside vendors, including freight haulers regarding required procedures they must follow while on the premises.
  2. Conduct periodic checks, on foot or in company van of the front parking lot and the employee lot.
    1. Perform a walk-through of the front parking lot to ensure proper permits on vehicles and report unauthorized vehicles to a Warehouse or Logistics Manager on duty.
    2. Provide a periodic presence and walk through of both lots to deter vandalism and illegal activity.
    3. Perform a visual check of the adjacent commercial vehicle lot to deter vandalism and illegal activity.
    4. Monitor all lots for unusual conditions that may create security concerns or safety hazards.
  3. Contact authorities in the event of any illegal activity on the property and report to management.
  4. Warn violators of company rules/policies, such as loitering or smoking in inappropriate locations.
    1. If violation continues, notify a Warehouse or Logistics Manager on duty.
    2. Prepare weekly report of such incidents.
  5. Document any occurrences of illegal activity or violations of company policies and provide weekly reports to the Director of Operations.
  6. Assist in maintaining order and procedural compliance in the event of an emergency and as directed by management or the local authorities.
  7. Maintain regular and satisfactory full-time attendance.
  8. Perform work outside of normal shift hours as requested by Warehouse or Logistics Management.
  9. Perform essential functions of the job regardless of inclement weather, including in cold and wet conditions for extended periods of time.

Other Functions

  1. Maintain First Responder (First Aid and CPR/AED) certification and report any First Responder actions to management.
  2. Perform other duties and work as necessary, required and/or assigned by IFCO Transportation, Inc. or Indianapolis Fruit Company, LLC. management.

Prerequisites for Position

  1. High school diploma or equivalent
  2. At least 1 year successful experience in freight coordination
  3. Ability to operate radio, telephone and camera equipment
  4. Ability to act in a professional manner, providing excellent customer service
  5. Active listening skills
  6. Ability to assess and evaluate situations effectively
  7. Ability to identify critical issues quickly and accurately
  8. Attention to detail
  9. Basic PC skills in Microsoft Office, common E Mail systems and business and/or logistics software programs
  10. Must possess valid identification
  11. Must have access to reliable transportation


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