Display Contest

ELEVATE your game, ELEVATE your sales!

2019 March Madness Display Contest Rules

  1. Your display must be in place for at least one week during the contest period of March 18 – April 8, 2019.
  2. Qualifying displays must include ALL of the following products:
    • Hampton Farms Roasted Peanuts 10oz bags (Item #1011)
    • Hampton Farms Salted Peanuts 10oz bags (Item #12219)
    • Hampton Farms Dump Bin (Item #11005)
    • Element of cross-merchandising
    • Include a theme around March Madness and basketball game-time snacking.

Displays should only contain fresh product from Hampton Farms delivered by Indianapolis Fruit Company. Hampton Farms MLB 12oz peanuts can be included for a general sports-themed display and will not count against your display. Creativity is key to making this a show-stopping display.

  1. Displays should only contain fresh product from Hampton Farms delivered by Indianapolis Fruit Company.

*For additional contest rules download the March 2019 Contest Rules page or see below.

To order products by February 20, contact your sales rep. Download product survey.

Display Contest Entry Form

March 2019

Additional March 2019 Display Contest Rules

  1. Display entries are limited to one per store.
  2. Display entries will be judged and prizes awarded by the IFC customer/vendor community. Displays are judged on a point system, based on the following criteria:
    1. Creativity of the display
    2. Incorporation of required products
    3. Sale-ability of the Display
    4. POS materials
    5. Percentage of sales
  3. All display products must be placed on the same order in order to qualify for prizes. The special deal cost on your initial shipment is a one-time offer. Replenishment of product is encouraged but not required.
  4. All entries must be received by the IFC marketing department no later than March 29, 2019. Top winners will be notified by email or phone call and all winners will be posted by April 5, 2019 on our website:  www.indyfruit.com, our Facebook page and Instagram account.
  5. Prizes will be awarded subject to your company’s policies regarding distribution of such awards. Void where prohibited by company policy. Taxes are the sole responsibility of prize winners.
  6. Prizes will be awarded to winning entries by April 18, 2019.
  7. All entries must include an official entry form or photocopy of same. Send to IFC Marketing by email, ifcmarketing@indyfruit.com; or enter online at www.indyfruit.com/march-madness-display-contest or fax to: (317) 549-4989. No postal mail will be accepted.
  8. Indianapolis Fruit Company is not responsible for lost, misplaced, or stolen entries. Entries become the property of Indianapolis Fruit Company and cannot be returned. Please keep a copy for your records. By entering, you give Indianapolis Fruit Company your permission to use your entry for publicity or advertising purposes. Contest is void where prohibited.

Cross Merchandising & Tie-In Ideas

  • Display along with a weekly beer feature
  • Pair with Avocados, Tomatoes, and Guacamole
  • Create a game day “snacking destination”
  • Include props approved by management
  • Themed displays strongly encouraged