Building Sales with Berries

The berry category is dominated by the year-round availability of strawberries. Consumers have come to expect these each and every trip to the store. Other berry varieties are becoming dietary mainstays for the average consumer and the health-conscious shopper. Increased global supply has allowed for more consistent shelf placement on all berry items.

Imported berries have become a crucial piece of category success and growth during the winter months. Countries such as Peru, Chile, and Argentina have increased investment in growing berries for U.S. consumption. Investments in technology, harvest planning, logistical services, and marketing have allowed for significant growth in promotable volumes during the winter months.

Merchandising Berries

Merchandising the berry category appropriately can lead to retail success. It is important that the cold-chain be maintained to ensure quality and flavor. Retailers should be using refrigerated tables and cases to display berries. Incorporate multiple pack sizes and lots of color to attract a diverse group of shoppers.

Retailers are finding great success in offering a promotable berry item each week either in-store or in their weekly ad. Finding the sweet spots where supply and price meet allowing full berry patch promotions can provide a big jump in retail sales and department traffic.

Variety is the Key

Don’t forget to surprise your shoppers with a display of something new and different. Kiwi Berries and Goldenberries can make for great educational and sampling opportunities in your department.