Fall is here and it’s time to start reorganizing your department to draw customers to new fall arrivals.

Bring in variety squashes in addition to the popular familiar varieties like butternut and spaghetti squash, and of course, pumpkins.  They provide contrasting shapes and colors to fruit and autumn themed displays.

Build a fall display with the essential items on the downloadable fall sell sheet utilizing props like burlap bags, silk leaves, and bushel baskets to create a harvest theme. For an authentic feel, incorporate autumn colors like orange, yellow, red, and brown that will draw customers into the display.

View Fall Sell Sheet


 Apples on Display

Apple harvest season has begun in Michigan and Washington; look out for deals and volume on new crop varieties, they’re the perfect item to showcase front-and-center on a display.  Build displays with an abundant presentation, incorporating both bulk and bagged options.  Cross merchandising your colorful apple display with caramel dips, ciders, and candy apples to capitalize on impulse sales.


Michigan Harvest Contest

We are celebrating the beginning of the Michigan harvest season by hosting a contest with $1000 in prizes!  Running throughout the month of October, POS and marketing materials are available to spruce up displays for that fresh-picked look!  You can contact your sales rep or the marketing team for details on how to enter.