Last Stop Holiday Sales and Merchandising

The produce department is the last stop on most holiday plans. Customers will be pouring into the store with days and mere hours left to spare. Is your department ready for the flood?

Holiday meals are a key part in holiday celebrations. Fresh produce is at the center and is in high demand. Produce this time of year is very profitable, making it a bulky requiring extra room for the added sales. With proper planning ahead of time, a well thought-out, holiday-themed merchandising plan is a sure-fire way to succeed this season.

Stock the must-have high-demand items

Vege: Green onions, parsley, celery, carrots, tomatoes, squash, and mushrooms for main courses; potato varieties, green beans, sweet potatoes, for side dishes; include cucumbers, radishes and extra tomatoes.

Fruit: Berries, cranberries, melons, and apples for dessert recipes; citrus for zest and libations; mangoes, kiwi, and pineapple will provide increased sales – especially when placed on added display space.

Herbs & Specialty Produce: Poultry blends, sage, savory, thyme, tarragon, chives, mint, and basil. Stay ahead when ordering herbs to minimize your out-of-stocks. Specialty produce adds a gourmet touch and visual appeal.

Value-Added Items: Salads and other value-added vegetables will move well over the holiday. You will see incremental sales with dry packaged dips, refrigerated dressings, fruit and vegetable trays, and fruit baskets. In-shell nuts and glazed candied fruit will remain popular, as well.

Display pre-made fruit baskets for grab-and-go sales

Many retailers choose to supplement sales with pre-made baskets because they are a great labor-saver that frees up retail staff during the busiest season.

Baskets are great for consumers looking for a healthy alternative gift and are great for impulse sales.

Fruit baskets also help decorate the department and increase foot traffic to the department.

Inform shoppers through ads and social media that these gift items are available. Because they are normally an impulse purchase, shoppers may not be looking out for them.

Indy Fruit makes it easy for you to stock up. Check with your sales rep about the holiday schedule or contact to order.

Signage draws attention

Create a holiday destination center by providing signage and information. Use eye-catching elements such as poinsettias and rosemary trees or a decorated Christmas tree. This flair will help excite shoppers and increase purchases.

Remember, you are the last stop before the celebration begins. Stay ahead on all of the holiday staples and order one or two days in advance. Must have out-of-stock items are missed sales and disappointing to your consumers. Make sure your shoppers have everything they need for and are confident when they leave your store.

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