March Madness is here.  Are you ready?

Customers are looking for items that they can use to entertain their guests while watching every March Madness game. The tournament starts on March 11 with Selection Sunday and continues all month log until the final two remain. See the full schedule of rounds here.

Set up displays near the front of the produce department to attract shoppers to impulse sales. Make your displays eye-catching with NCAA tournament logos, team logos and even up-to-date brackets. Excite your shoppers by featuring your favorite team (Go Butler!) and cheer them on through the dance.

Interact with your shoppers and create a contest with brackets so they can get in on the fun (and even win prizes).  Shoppers can tell when you are excited about an event and will often become engaged and buy more product because they get excited. Include essential game-watching produce such as avocados and guacamole ingredients. Get the full list of Indy Fruit’s March Madness food essentials here.

Create additional selling space with the Avocados From Mexico’s Fanwich Fanatics program with POS from AFM including recipes for delicious  guacamole mashes, toppings and spreads.

Game on.


Download brackets from NCAA