What do I do with my (Buddha’s) Hands?

Buddha’s Hands are the most unique pieces of produce I have ever seen, easily making it my new favorite fruit. It smells so fresh and citrusy, has so many uses and is visually spectacular – or should I say – SPOOK-TACULAR? ‘Tis the season, after all!

With it’s multitude of uses, you should be displaying this fruit it’s entire season (October – January). Yes, it’s eye-catching, that in itself is perfect marketing, but your shoppers may not pick it up because they don’t know how to use it. Follow these simple tips and show your shoppers how to fall in love with Buddha’s Hands this season.

Provide a bright pop of color and a touch of flair to your Halloween and Thanksgiving displays. With their tendency to form in various positions, Buddha’s Hands provide the spooky addition to your Halloween decor. They remind me of skeleton hands, myself. What’s best, is that these beauties will last into the Thanksgiving season, making them a great compliment to fall colors. They can also be included in floral arrangements, wreaths and centerpieces.

Pro tip: Keep Buddha’s Hands in the refrigerator at night to keep it fresher longer.

Share interesting facts with shoppers. Buddha’s Hands are a symbol of happiness, longevity and good fortune. It is often presented as a gift for Chinese New Year.

Give shoppers fresh ideas. Buddha’s Hands are bitter, making them harder to incorporate into meals. Providing recipes gives shoppers preparation ideas in-store, increasing impulse purchases. Download info cards and usage tip sheets from Indy Fruit and display them with fun, bright signage near the fruit.

How to use Buddha’s Hands at home

Mix it in your cocktailThe aromatic rind infuses well in vodka and gin. It also blends well in simple syrup.

Use it as a home fragrance. Buddha’s Hand, known for its fresh and fragrant scent, can be blended into a potpourri.

Try it candied. The sweet rind makes it a delicious treat. It’s been served this way for centuries.

Use it as a zest. A great substitute for citrus zest in salads, dressings and so much more.

Make Buddha Waffles. Add the zest to a basic buttermilk waffle for a delicious breakfast.

Do laundry! The aroma of Buddha’s Hand is fresh and citrusy, so mix a bit of the citrus oil with your detergent or use it throughout your home as you would lemon.