Dress up for a spook-tacular Halloween!

Boost your Halloween sales outside of the candy aisle and display holiday essentials for a magical (or spooky) Halloween night. Take the guess-work away from your shoppers and let them focus on the costumes rather than food and décor. Dress up your department with Halloween-themed signage and nick-knacks to entice shoppers and get them excited.  It’s the spookiest night of the year, make sure your shoppers are well-suited for a scary good time.

• Build a separate Halloween display area.
• Most Halloween items don’t need refrigeration so it’s easy to put it anywhere in the department.
• Make sure you decorate your display with signs and other Halloween décor to bring attention to it.
• Cross-merchandise with other departments. Make things like candy corn, peanuts, and trick-or-treat buckets available on your display.
• Offer different sizes on pumpkins from jumbo to mini pumpkins.

Here are just a few essentials to include in your display. Halloween is all about creativity – have fun with your displays. Like what you see? Send us a pic to ifcmarketing@indyfruit.com and we will show it off via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Carving Pumpkins – Item #2913








Caramel Apples with Sprinkles – Item #5577 – perfect for trick-or-treaters!







Painted Pumpkins – Item #2908






Fowler Farms Apple Cider – Item #8280 – hot apple cider is perfect after a chilly night outside!









Mini Pumpkins – Item #2915






Honeycrisp Apples – Item #6187 and Caramel Apple Dip – Item #0067 – Great for the entire family!






For questions, advice, concerns and to place your order contact your sales rep today. Plan ahead and get your produce orders in on time for the holiday, Halloween falls on Wednesday this year.

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