Merchandising Delectable Fungi – How to Sell Morel Mushrooms

Morel mushroom season is upon us and we can’t be more excited about this little fungus. Don’t worry, we’re not going to make you put on your boots and send you out into the wilderness in search of the scarce mushrooms. We just want you to be successful at merchandising these distinctive mushrooms in your store.

Morels come in a few varieties, three can be found in Indiana alone: black, yellow and gray. They can grow from the size of a thimble to as large as a soda can.  They have a deep nutty flavor that some describe as earthy or toasted. Morel mushrooms have a meaty texture, but they aren’t squishy or chewy.

Display morels in a prominent location in your produce department. They are a popular produce item that doesn’t stick around very long, it’s only available from April to May. Display them in a cool, damp space so they don’t dry out too quickly. Consumers tend to dry out the mushrooms if they intend to keep them longer.

Place POS materials such as our info card or sell sheet next to the product. These materials provide details about the product customers may not already know. Recipe cards help sell more product because your customer feels confident in the products they are purchasing for an entree. Cross-merchandise with butters and salts and pepper grinders – a simple saute is a preferred way to prepare morels.

Morel mushrooms can range in size and color, from tans to grays and from the size of a thimble to the size of a soda can.